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What is Orbicraft for?

Assembling the OrbiCraft 3D

OrbiCraft 3D interfaces

Work with earth-based UHF

Work with Wifi

Work through the WEB interface

Required software and library description

Houston Control Center Software

Arduino-Based payload

Laboratory equipment



Work with earth-based VHF

Earth-based VHF transceiver.

Onboard VHF transceiver.

SW installation

For receiving and sending data via VHF you should install VHF transmitter/receiver unit (TRX) card’s driver and “Houston” SW.

Driver can be downloaded via link: _ Download the latest version of “Houston” SW via this link _

VHF TRX card driver installation

“Houston” SW installation

Getting started

Connect VHF TRX card to computer via USB. Open Windows Device Manager. If driver was installed correctly, you will see what COM-port it connected to. This information required for configuration of “Houston server” SW.

Run the file houston_server.exe

If it configured with incorrect СОМ-port, there will be displayed such window (where you should press Yes to All button).

Press Config button to move to “Houston server” SW parameters configuration.

Next, in configuration you should specify the СОМ-port where VHF TRX connected. In this case instead of СОМ4 there must be specified СОМ6; press ОK.

Next press Connect to connect VHF TRX card to computer.

The card will connect to computer; the number besides CAN Rx showing total of received data frames (messages) will increase.

Now you should run file houston_app.exe

“Houston” SW will start.

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