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What is Orbicraft for?

Assembling the OrbiCraft 3D

OrbiCraft 3D interfaces

Work with earth-based UHF

Work with Wifi

Work through the WEB interface

Required software and library description

Houston Control Center Software

Arduino-Based payload

Laboratory equipment



Changing frequency of ground and on-board UHF

For working with several OrbiCraft 3D you need to change frequency of your on-board UHF and ground UHF module. Frequency changes in the range from 435 to 438 MHz.

1. Connect your ground UHF module to PC and open Houston Server. Check the connection of ground UHF module in the program.

2. Launch Houston Application;

3. While working with your functional kit, using the ground UHF module you need to set the correct IP address. Open tab File → Parameters and in the field serverAddress enter the address (figure 1):

Figure 1. changing the address

4. Open 2 address (on-board UHF), find the command 2-4203 set_Frequency and set the frewuency in MHz;

5. Connection to on-board UHF occurs directly by the 0x5 address. Set in the field Base station adress the address 0х5 and press the button To Server (figure 2):

Figure 2. Setting a frequency for the on-board UHF

6. Save changes of configuration after any changes that you are making. To do this, open in the same command the address 2-4210 set_SaveConfiguration and also set in the field Base station adress address 0х5 and press the button To Server (figure 3):

Figure 3. Saving configurations of the on-board UHF

7. Chsnge a frequency for the ground UHF module. Go to the adress 1F (the ground UHF module) and open the command 1F-4203 set_Frequency. Set the correct frequency and press the button To Server (figure 4):

Figure 4. Frequency configuration of the ground UHF module

8. Save configurations of the ground UHF module frequency with the command 1F-4210 set_SaveConfiguration (figure 5):

Figure 5. Saving configurations of the ground UHF module

9. To check the correct operation at the set frequency, send a comand from the ground UHF to the on-board UHF (for example, 1F-4202 request_AllConfiguration)

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