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What is Orbicraft for?

Assembling the OrbiCraft 3D

OrbiCraft 3D interfaces

Work with earth-based UHF

Work with Wifi

Work through the WEB interface

Required software and library description

Houston Control Center Software

Arduino-Based payload

Laboratory equipment



OrbiCraft 3D interfaces

Three interfaces are used to work with the OrbiCraft 3D functional kit:

  • WEB-interface;
  • work through the Houston App with data transmission over Wi-Fi;
  • work through the Houston App with UHF data transmission.


The WEB-interface is used to write control programs for the OrbiCraft 3D functional kit in C language using the user API (libschsat.h library). Programs are created in a special version of Notepad ++ and loaded into OrbiCraft 3D via Wi-Fi via the WEB interface, which also provides the ability to make changes to the downloaded program. You can also download photos taken with a Raspberry Pi camera through the WEB interface.

Work through the Houston App with data transmission via Wi-Fi

This mode of operation is used for engineering missions, since it is possible to receive all data packets via Wi-Fi, to plot the values of the AVS, magnetometer, solar sensors and reaction wheel (RW) rotation speed versus time.

Operation via Houston App with UHF data transmission

This operation mode is as close as possible to the real operation of a spacecraft in orbit. There is no possibility of fast transfer of large amounts of data, the OrbiCraft 3D functional kit works in command-response mode. It is possible to receive beacons and telemetric information, create command queues and schedules, upload photos received by the Raspberry Pi camera via UHF or HF communication channel, which is emulated by an IR transceiver.

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