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What is Orbicraft for?

Assembling the OrbiCraft 3D

OrbiCraft 3D interfaces

Work with earth-based UHF

Work with Wifi

Work through the WEB interface

Required software and library description

Houston Control Center Software

Arduino-Based payload

Laboratory equipment



Houston Control Center Software

Houston Control Center Software (hereinafter referred to as Houston CC SW) developed by “Sputniks” experts is designed for monitoring and management of Sputniks company satellites’ internal systems.

General Description

Houston CC SW allows:

  • To receive at the earth station telemetry data and other messages from satellite’s systems;
  • To generate at the earth station management commands in Unican form for satellite’s systems;
  • To sends commands in Unican form messages in radio-channel or other channel to satellite’s cable CAN-network.

Houston CC SW consists of client side Houston Application (hereinafter referred to as HA SW, client) and server side части Houston Server (hereinafter referred to as HS SW, server). Intercommunication between them arranged by TCP/IP protocol, and one server is able to serve several clients. For connection to satellite’s CAN network there are used USB-CAN converters.

Houston CC SW maintain reliable operation of HS SW and HA SW’s full set of functions dealing with telemetry data and commands-messages’ generation for satellite systems. For operational stability we recommend to generate and send the commands via the same working station. For reliability enhancement there must be connected several more working stations in observer mode; they will be the hot standby.

HS SW includes the narrow, thoroughly tested functional. HS SW functioning do not depends on HA SW clients’ operability. Via HS SW tools there maintains the centralized log of Unican messages, which guarantees the preservation of all history of exchange with satellite. There provided the maintenance of local logs at every client via HA SW tools.

SW structure

Houston Control Center software package includes such applications:

  • Houston СС Application – client software performing functions of visualization of data received from server side and generation of commands for devices connected to satellite network.
  • Houston СС Server – server part of application providing the connection to satellite’s CAN-bus, interconversion of packets CANopen and Unican, maintenance of continuous log of exchange of messages, data exchange with clients.


General description

Houston Application SW provides user’s visual interface for interaction with devices connected to satellite CAN-bus. HA SW basic functions:

  • Receiving and sending of Unican packets via CAN-bus through HS SW retaining to log-file;
  • Identification of recipients and contents of Unican packets;
  • Filtration at displaying of incoming packets’ information;
  • Data visualization via control panels;
  • Individual configuration of panel’s layout and contents.
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